ReAnima was made with practically 0.00,00 resources. This incredible project was conceived with a great idea, ambition and lot of passion. We received over 300 films all around the world for our competition and chose 100 out of them. Thanks to the outstanding quality of the material received, the competition was really high. In our first edition we had two winners in almost each category because the extraordinary level of the films astonished the jury. We were honoured to have special programs from international festivals and animation networks as Visegrad New TalentsStoptrik Festival. A very special program with Mexican animated legends in languages almost extinct. We enjoyed the best of the German contemporary animation. In addition this first edition we had a special opportunity to bring together 3 feature films from great directors: The boy and the world by Alê Abreu, ‎Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen by Rasmus A. Sivertsen and The Red Turtle by Michaël Dudok de Wit. In totally more than 145 films screened in 3 days. Well, that is something to start.

Continuing with the suprises in our debut, was amazing to host a bunch of brave animators that decided to visit us in our first edition. Maja Minic, Joann GuyonnetAgnieszka FatygaChing-Yu Yang, Gillaume Morox and Szymon Halaszuk , were the artists  that gave a great plus to our first edition. In this line we want give a special thanks to our jury members; Olga and Michal Bobrowski from Stoptrik Festival and Katarszyna Surmacz from Etiuda&Anima Festival.

The selection films in our 2017 edition was made and designed in the lines of our statment, that means we screened films with social compromises, ecological, politic and artistic innovations. Always trying to put on the table of the social problems, promoting a more open and inclusive society.

But the most important finding was that we discovered  a hungry audience looking for animated art of quality that also given us words of encouragement to keep building ReAnima. To all of you: Thank you so much and lets move to the ReAnima 2018 edition!

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